Four Channel Compact Gas Monitor







This is a 4-zone microcontroller based gas detection control monitor capable of monitoring the gas concentration of up to 4 sensors.  Front panel controls provide extensive programming features – 2 independent settable alarms for each channel, channel skip, latching/non-latching Alarm1, channel range, real time clock. Entry into Configuration is password (user settable) restricted. This is packaged in a compact DIN rail mountable 9 wide module. Whole unit can be housed in a weather proof IP65 enclosure for outdoor use. Optional serial port RS232C facilitates PC connectivity. Back-lit LCD display (2×16) is divided in 4 sections for simultaneous display of all 4 channels without scrolling.Two independent relays for each channel (Alarm1 & Alarm 2), continuous fault monitoring, time keeping, audio buzzer for abnormal conditions in a compact format makes this a true micro Genius.
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  Microcontroller, SMD components
4 Channels, 2 Alarms/channel  (settable)
LCD backlit  2 x 16 characters display
Real Time Clock + Battery
Last alarm event data
Front panel programming  (password controlled)
In-built buzzer
8 channel-alarm relays
230V  power supply
RS232 serial output (optional)
IEC60079-29-1 compliant

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