Gas Leak Survey Detectors

Instruments which facilitate area monitoring and can be carried on person are categorised as Survey Detctors. These are provided with Surveying enhancements like extended probe, goose neck probe and/or sample draw pumps. Many of these provide data storage facilities in addition to spot monitoring and alarming features.
Leak Detector – SP-300
Leak Detector SP-300 is a digital hand held device that is used for the location of gas leaks of methane or LPG. Sensitive sensor, LCD digital & bar graph display, battery operated, auto shut-off, audio visual alarm make it an essential tool fro every safety or maintenance person in the field.  More……
Leak Locator G-300 
The leak  detector G 300 is a specialist detector for accurate pin pointing of leak location of methane, combustible gases, toxic gases. Very sensitive down to less than 10 ppm, bar graph LED display, chemosorption sensor make it poserful tool for service  More……
Multi-Gas ( 1 to 6) Detector
G 750 is precision-engineered multi-gas monitoring ( can take upto 6 sensors) equipment, which is easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. Built in pump, data logging, CO, H2S, NO, CO2, SO2, Cl2, HCN, %LEL, %Vol., intrinsically safe  – very powerful anywhere use tool for detection, survey, data sampling & collection. More……
LEL, PPM & Volume Detector
Used for measuring combustible gases, G 600 is known for its flawless performance and long service life. It covers full range from 0-100% LEL to 0-100%Vol using twin sensors, rugged requiring low skills of operation, conventional rotary knob and analog meter design make it a simple by very effective tool for combustible  gases.  More……
Multi-Gas ( 1 to 4) Detector
Available in a lightweight and compact design, G 450 offers reliable results in detection and measurement of H2S, CO, O2 and combustible gases ( upto 4 gases) . Water tight design IP67, impact proof rubberised housing, 103 dB alarm buzzer, 3 year full sensor warranty, optional pump, data logger, intrinsically safe make it an all-proof instrument for rough field conditions.  More……

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