Toxic Gases – Hazardous Area – Analog, Digital

Toxic Gases – Hazardous Area – Analog, Digital

These Transmitters are housed in FLP IP65 industrial  rugged enclosures and are  good for use in hazardous areas as per Area and Temp classification.  These Transmitters use Electro-chemical, PID or other sensors as per target gas. These sensors sometimes respond to other interfering gases. The Units are supplied pre-calibrated for the specified gas and range.Analog transmitters provide 4-20 mA signal ( current sourcing ). Some of these provide 1 or 2 relays on preset or settable thresholds for local control devices.

Digital Transmitters provide HART or Serial RS485 signals.

These transmitters are also available in blind ( non-indicating) or with digital display.

Electrochemical Sensors use principles of electro-chemistry to detect and measure gas concentration. Based on reaction used in the sensor, many of these respond to other interfering gases and can give false measurement. It is important to either select the  sensor based on total composition of the mixture to be measured or be aware of the effects to apply corrective algorithm to arrive at correct data.

PID sensors are non-selective and respond to all vapour components above specific IV potential of the lamp used. Similar caution has to be exercised while selecting sensor or interpreting  measured data.

Certified enclosures are tested and approved by the relevant authority whereas Compliant enclosures are exactly identical, self certified but do not have the certificate. All licensed areas must use Certified enclosures only. These enclosures are economical and can be used as enhanced protection in otherwise non-classified but hazardous areas.

All these transmitters can be used with PRISM Supermons, mG1000, third party receivers, PLC, DCS etc.


India Standard Transmitter ( PESO/CCOE, Nagpur  Compliant or Certified) –  
 The transmitter is housed in a flameproof IP55 or IP65 enclosure tested and or approved as per IS…. standard. More……
ATEX Standard Transmitter (ATEX Compliant or Certified) -
The transmitter is housed in a flameproof IP55 or IP65 enclosure tested and or approved as per ATEX … standard.  More……

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