OctoMon is a compact 8 ch. gas monitor with very rich set of features to suit different users, OEMs and applications. It provides fixed gas monitoring for over 500 combustible, toxic gases and Oxygen. Monitor has large bright LED digital display which can be seen from over 10 m distance. AL2 & AL3 States of all channels are indicated by independent LEDs for ‘at a glance’ view of status of all 8 channels. It has large number of user or field settable and factory settable functions which can be programmed through front panel mounted non-invasive Magnetic Switches or any of communication ports like RS232, Blue Tooth, LAN and USB. It works on universal AC supply requiring no selection or precautions at switch-on time.

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  • Microcontroller, SMD components
  • Three user Settable Alarms ALL AL2, AL3 for each channel
  • 16 LEDs -2 Indications viz : AL2, .AL3 for each channel
  • 3 Digit( 7-seg) LED Display — Gas Conc. & Messages
  • 1 Digit (7-seg) for Ch. No. & Messages
  • 4 LEDs – one for each relay
  • 4 relay 0/Ps : ALL AL2, AL3, Fault
  • Built in Multifunction Audio Buzzer
  • 2 Program & Operation Non-invasive (Magnetic Switch) controls
  • Compact IP66 weatherproof Enclosure
  • Universal Input Supply : 100-260VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • SMF Battery back-up in-built
  • Independent- range & scale for each channel — ppm, °.6Vol., 0/0 LEL
  • In-built hysteresis — no Use alarms Or littering
  • User Programmable functions.-. Alarm Thresholds, Ch. Inhibit, Ch. Skip,
  • Factory set-table functions — Scale; Range, Alarms Latching/non-latching,
  • E-Safe PC Supervisory Software compatible
  • Serial Interface — RS232/Blue Tooth/Ethemet/Wireless/USB
  • Very Low Power < 10 W fully loaded
  • All cables that IP68 glands and Plug-Socket screw connectors
  • Display msgs — Nor, Inh, Sp, ALL AL2, AL3, Prog

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