Compact Area Monitors

DuoMon is a  compact Gas  Monitor that accurately measures combustible gases, toxic gases and oxygen levels. Many of these can be connected in multi drop RS485 loop form for centralized monitoring. Alternately these can be put on plant LAN for centralized monitoring. Three Alarms, in-built hysteresis, universal power input, variety of Audio-visual alarm devices, 3 digit LED display,  variable ranges – LEL, Vol., ppm – all these make this Monitor a power house of gas monitoring systems.

Simple and effective

The unit accurately displays measured gas concentration on a large 3 digit LED display. The display also shows text messages related to channel status and system status. Compact and simple design facilitates easy do-it-yourself type installation. Pre-calibrated Sensors allow direct commissioning without need of skilled manpower. Monitor is equipped with onboard relays for three alarm points and fault. These relays can be used to drive external devices like strobes, fans, voice alarms, auto-dialers, etc.

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  •         Microcontroller, SMD components
  •         Addressable RS485 multi drop
  •         Three user Settable Alarms AL1, AL2, AL3 for each channel
  •         4 LED Indications viz :  AL1, AL2, AL3, Fault for each channel
  •         3 Digit( 7-seg)  LED Display for each – Gas Conc. & Messages
  •         4 relay O/Ps : AL1, AL2, AL3, Fault
  •         Built in Multi-function Audio Buzzer
  •         3 Programme &  Operation Non-intrusive Switch controls
  •         Compact IP65 Weatherproof Enclosure
  •         Universal Input Supply : 100-260VAC, 50-60Hz
  •         Independent range & scale for each channel – ppm, %Vol., % LEL
  •         In-built hysteresis – no false alarms or jittering
  •         User Programmable functions.- Alarm Thresholds, Ch. Inhibit, Ch. Skip,
  •         Factory settable functions – Scale, Range, Alarms Latching/non-latching,  Alarm Increasing/decreasing, Hysteresis
  •         Programming Port – RS232/Blue Tooth/Ethernet
  •         All cables thru IP65 glands and Plug-Socket screw connectors
  •         Display  msgs – nor, inh, sp, ok,al1,al2,al3,run, prog, quad 4 ch,

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