ZGw08 is a low-cost, accurate wall-mount CO2 monitor with LCD display, to ensure Indoor Air Quality, to be used Indoors or with relay to HVAC system for Energy Saving. ZGw08 uses NDIR technology to improve the long-term calibration stability. It has several built-in modes to help one understand the ambient air quality

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  • Long-Life NDIR Senso
  • CO2 measurement upto 3000ppm
  • 3 LED display for Indoor Air Quality
  • Adjustable Visual & Alarm Function
  • Voltage (0~10V), Current Loop & Relay Output
  • Logs upto 48 readings at 30 min. Interval
  • Calculates & Displays ventilation rates
  • Reliable Sensor; Longterm Calibration Stability
  • Quick & Easy Installation


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