We offer a comprehensive range of high accuracy fixed gas detection equipment. Based on latest technology, these equipment can be used to detect different types of combustible and toxic gases and hence are used in various industrial applications. Available at industry leading prices, our range of fixed gas detectors is superior in performance and reliability and offer long service life. We offers various kinds of gas monitoring system such as ozone monitoring system, oxygen monitoring system, fixed gas detection system, multi gas detection system, ammonia detection system, refrigerant monitoring system, leakage monitoring systems along with other equipment like hazardous gas detection equipment, electrochemical gas sensor, fixed gas monitor, fixed gas detection instruments, gas detection instruments, combustible gas detection equipment, hazardous gas detector.
MG 1000
MG 1000 is a micro controller based multi, point gas monitoring and alarm system that can accept inputs for different types of gases, including combustible, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide etc., and more. The equipment provides flexible combination of relays and / or external drive outputs, depending on the application. Available at competitive prices, this is a compact low power system with unmatched reliability.
Gas Monitoring System
  • Most reliable full featured Gas Monitoring System.
  • Super Smart user friendly Micro – controller based.
  • Scalable Model (2 to 32 channels).
  • Pre calibrated 4- 20 mA transmitter.
  • All combustible, toxic, O2, O3 gases.
  • Range up to 1000 meter.

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  Specifications :

  Indicator/Alarm Unit
Type Micro controller based module
Capacity 2 channel in 1 module
Indications For each channel independently

  • Digital display 0 to 99% or Bar Graph (10 segment) 0-100%
  • Warm (Low level) – Red LED
  • Alarm (High level) – Red LED
  • Fault – Yellow LED
  • Pilot – Green LED (Common)
Controls Four Magic Push buttons to review and program all parameters
Programmable Functions For each channel independently

  • Warm (Low level alarm) set point
  • Alarm (High level alarm) set point
  • Skip
  • Alarm delay common for 2 channel
Calibration Software based tamper proof, no tools required, zero and full-scale can be set independently
Outputs Warm, Alarm, Fault
  Detector Unit
A field replaceable unit complete with Gas Sensor, 4-20 mA transmitter, Junction Box and
Gland etc. available in following application based configurations:A. i) Diffusion : Suitable for open air monitoring. Gasflows under natural convention.ii) Suction : Suitable for inaccessible or adverse areaswhere sensors can’t be mounted at point of leak. This unit can bemounted upto 10 mtrs. away. Gas sample is sucked by a micro-pumpthrough 1/4” tube

B. i) 2-wire transmitter for toxic gases

ii) 3-wire transmitter for combustible gases

iii) iii) 3 wire transmitter with IR sensor

C i) WP enclosure – Suitable for open air non hazardous areas. ABS enclosure with IP66 protection

ii) FLP enclosure – Suitable for classified hazardous areas. LM-6 alloy enclosure certified for IIA, IIB, II C gas groups. IP55 protection.

iii) Range up to 1000 meters.

Single most important and expensive component. Total system reliability and effectiveness depends upon this. It is important to use right sensor based on application.

  • All sensors are of high sensitivity.
  • All sensors are sourced from ISO 9001 certified manufacturers
    of international repute.
  • All sensors are carefully selected for the target gas and do
    not respond to other interfering gases
  • Very low warm up and response times
  • Expected life 2 to 10 years (depending upon sensor type)
  • All sensors are housed in appropriate housings and assembled
    for enhanced safety and environment protection.
  Standard Accessories
SB100 – Standard Buzzer, Low current indoor mounting type, 80 dB output.
  Optional Accessories
  • HPS100 – High Pitch Sounder. Open area type 110 dB output.
  • HF100 – Indoor Hooter Flasher, 85 dB, bright flasher for indoor use.
  • HF200 – Outdoor Hooter Flasher, 115 dB, brighter flasher for outdoor use.
  • Splash Guard – Sensor accessory to protect it from liquid splashes, dust and high speed winds.
  • Battery Back-up – SMF batteries and automatic charger provide upto 30 mins of normal operation.
  • Auto shut off valve – Solenoid valves for upto 1.5” pipe size.
  • Relays – Any number of relays of 1 c/o 1Amp. Rating can be provided.
  • Stand for Floor mounting & Canopy for rain protection.
  • Calibration Kit

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