Leak Detector – SP-300
Leak Detector SP-300 is a digital hand held device that is used for the detection of various gases. The device is having an external whip, where the gas semiconductor sensor is mounted to detect the low concentration of hydrocarbon in gas appliances and pipes. This device can detect either Methane (CH4) or LPG and several other types of Hydrocarbons. The detector is operated on either alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The instrument features auto-zero and auto-shut-off functionality.

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  • Hydrocarbon Detector: LPG or Methane
  • User selectable Measuring Ranges: %LEL, ppm or %Vol.
  • Large 4-digit LCD & full scale Bar-graph display
  • User configurable parameters
  • Automatic Zero Drift Adjustment
  • Auto-Shut-Off Function
  • Over-Range Function
  • Acoustic & Optical Alarm Indications
  • Low Battery Function
  • Sensor Self Test Function
  • Battery Life typically 80 hrs. 4 x AA

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