LEL, PPM & Volume Detector

G 600
  • Up to three detection ranges in one instrument
  • AutoCal® automatic calibration
  • Measurement in diffusion and pump mode
  • Single-button control
  • Analog display for gas hazards and leak detection
  • Optical and audible alarms
  • Up to 10 hours continuous operation
An explosive environment is created when combustible gases or vapors reach levels that are between the lower explosion limit (LEL) and the upper explosion limit (UEL). Methane, for example, has a LEL of 5 percent volume and UEL of 15 percent volume. These levels differ depending on which combustible gas is present.The EXOTECTOR series audible alarm and visual alarm will trigger long before an air-gas mixture has reached a dangerous concentration. The alarm threshold is usually set to 10 percent LEL, if not otherwise specified. The measurement principle for combustible gases and vapors in the percent LEL ranges is detected with a stable catalytic combustion sensor.Various models of the EXOTECTOR series use an additional detection principle on the basis of a thermal conductivity sensor. Using this system, combustible gases can be measured in concentrations up to 100 percent volume. Other models are available with additional ppm or micro range readings. With its internal sampling pump, extremely small amounts of gas can easily be detected for leaks in pipelines, valves and fittings.
The model C6S4P is ideal for measuring, detecting, and warning of leaks of combustible gases and vapors. Some applications include:
  • Gas supply companies
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratories
  • Storage tanks
  • Landfills
  • Solvent working companies
  • Fire departments
  • Civil and underground engineering
.. .and wherever life and/or property needs to be protected against hazardous combustible gases or vapors.
As the EXOTECTOR’s thermal conductivity system shows only a minimal interference by C02, this instrument is suitable for direct landfill measurements without filters. The EXOTECTOR’s functional features make it a high performance and reliable gas detector.

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Specifications :

Model G-600
Gases Combustible gases and
vapors (examples: fuel vapors, natural gas, ethane, butane, methane,
propane, hydrogen)
Ranges Micro (10 to 15% LEL)
0 to 100% LEL or 0 to % volume
0 to 100% volume
principles (sensor)
Catalytic combustion (up to 100% LEL)
Thermal conductivity (LEL to 100% volume)

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