Gas Monitoring System for Paint Shops

An automobile Paint Shop has many Paint Ovens using CNG/LPG as fuel. Typically each oven is required to be protected by two gas sensors – one installed outside the oven near potential leak points and the other inside the oven to detect any leakage inside the oven. 
DuoMon is a latest technology and easy to operate gas detection equipment that can be used to detect and monitor gas leakage from Paint Ovens. The system has two channels with independent display for each channel. This display is visible from a distance of 10 mtrs giving effective distant visibility. Many of these systems can be looped thru’ a wired or wireless LAN to provide single point supervision thru any LAN enabled PC in the shop floor.
  • Two Channels
  • Two Gas – CNG/LPG Ready System
  • Large Digital Display
  • Three settable Alarms
  • LAN capability
  • Comapct IP66 Enclosure

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Specifications :

Principle of detection Catalytic combustion type
Gas to be detected Dual Gas LPG/CNG, easy user selectable at site
Detection range 0 to 100% LEL
Gas concentration display 1″ 3-digit bright LED digital display
Alarms settable Three settable over full range auto limited within sub-band.
Alarm accuracy Within 0.1%( =/-1) of the set alarm value

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